A co-worker had a pine cut down in his yard this week. I told him I would remove the log if the guy wanted to charge him to take it. So today we went over to load the trailer down with some wood. When I got there I wished I had looked at the log before I opened my mouth. We ended up cutting 5 logs all where 12 foot long except for 2 and they were 8 foot. Which all of them measured 6 to 8 inches longer then the foot mark. Well after alot of tugging, rolling, breaking 4 post we was using for ramps for the log to go up and crushing the fender on my trailer we was able to get the two biggest cuts loaded. You can see in one of the pictures the log was not easy on my trailer fender or side rail. But once we got to the sawmill the owner said just pull your trailer down beside mill we will go ahead and cut them and you can stack it back on your trailer. So we got our first chance at helping run a sawmill plus he knocked a little more off sense we helped him. We ended up with 600 board feet out of these two logs and we still have the top three logs still to pick up and take and have cut. We have a few boards that measure almost 20 inches across. We are beat. Here are some pictures of the day.