So I've been having a swarm nightmare lately! Every hive I have is building swarm cells or swarming extremely early because of our great weather this spring. I've started through all my hives and if I find swarm cells I pull the queen and put her in a Nuc.

Today, I went to a hive that I thought must've swarmed due to its low population at the entrance. However when I went into it, I found many capped QCs as well as some fresh eggs and larvae. I found one cell with its side torn open and it was empty.

I thought that swarms occurred when the QCs were almost capped, and that I wouldn't find eggs and larvae with QCs present because old queen stopped laying prior to flight?

I couldn't find her - the first in many hives that I couldn't locate a queen. Not sure how to proceed - don't want to lose a queen to a swarm but not sure what's going on.

Thoughts? Is the swarm still pending? There's still a large population in the hive..