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    Default I accidentally caught a swarm...

    My father in law gave me some old bee boxes he got from a friend who passed away. I went through the boxes and salvaged usable frames and boxes and stored them in our barn. I had some of the excess boxes with a an old hive cover on them sitting outside the barn till i could decide what to do with them. Among them were two shallows in rough condition that apparently had frames of old foundation less comb in them, but it looked like the comb was just a tangled mess and i hadn't even tried to get any of the frames out to see.
    well the other day i noticed a 'lot' of bees around these boxes, (They are located about 400 yds from my 3 hives) and when i opened it up there was a nice sized swarm in there!
    The interesting thing is that 2 of my 3 hives are new installs this April, my third hive is an overwintered hive and is booming but is showing no signs of having swarmed (that I can tell).
    I couldn't leave the new hive where it was, and I was leaving out of town for a week, so I went ahead and obstructed the entrance so they would have to re-orient and moved the hive to my apiary, I also put a deep on top of the 2 shallows in hopes they would move in. I'm gonna leave them be, and see what they do.

    I'm still not sure what to do about the 2 shallows, but I'll take the free bees.

    Go Figure...
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    Default Re: I accidentally caught a swarm...

    Cool, free bees are always a bonus

    As far as the 2 shallows being in rough condition, I'd move them to the top once the bees start getting that deep drawn out; then put another box between them & the deep once the deep's drawn out & filling with brood. That way you'll (most likely) be able to get them to move their entire brood nest down below the 2 shallows, making them "honey supers" that you can later take off & harvest, giving you the chance to take those 2 boxes out of service, repair them, or whatever needs done with them

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    Default Re: I accidentally caught a swarm...

    My swarms are never that easy.


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