This spring has been one of my most challenging springs. My plan was to make splits and raise queens from my carniolian breeder queen to sell, and to requeen my whole operation. With many of my splits and nucs, I would let them go queenless for one day, then I put either a cell in (using cell protecters), or put in a mated 2013 queen. Many of my colonies would either refuse the new queen, (hatching queen, or the new mated queen), and would raise their own, or, allow the new queen to lay for a while then supersede her. These, as you know, are set backs and very challenging to deal with. I have alot of carniolian strain in my operation, maybe that is a trait of theirs. Have you all experianced these, and how did you deal with this? When I see them superceding and not accepting a good egg laying queen, I normally curse under my breath, and just let them have their way.
Also, what is your experiance with putting a new queen in a double deep colony full of bees, but have been queenless a week or two? Thanks and best of wishes.