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    Default when to stop sugar water feeding?

    I recieved a hive today as a gift from a good friend of mine
    I havent kept bees in 2-3 years and only really had one hive so nothing big

    the hive was purchased and transported here a couple nights ago its been cloudy for days and the sun came out they were flying good
    so I popped it open to see about 6 of the 9 frames with activity
    2-3 frames double side of brood

    so I went to town and picked up a plastic entrance feeder
    I know new hives you feed in spring but how long?
    all season? won't it eventually get into the honey supply?

    feed until they quit taking it?

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    Default Re: when to stop sugar water feeding?

    You probably don't HAVE to feed that colony where you are right now but you can if you want. I've found that sometimes bees will stop taking syrup when a flow is on but some colonies take the syrup, the nectar and anything else they can haul in which results in a plugged up hive. If you want to feed go ahead but you're probably fine without doing anything. In my opinion, too many beekeepers feed their bee's without really knowing why they do it, thinking that bees need to be fed in all cases coming out of the winter. I sometimes feed my early packages especially those that were hived on fresh wax foundation but I rarely feed late packages or wintered over bees or even nuc's if the weather is reasonable. In the fall, it's another story depending on the weight of the hive. Light hives get fed, heavy hives probably not.
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    Default Re: when to stop sugar water feeding?

    I would stop feeding when the second brood box is 70% drawn out.

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    Default Re: when to stop sugar water feeding?

    TY this answered my question

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    Default Re: when to stop sugar water feeding?

    Depends on if you only want to feed long enough for them to get established, or to feed to encourage them to fill a full sized hive as quickly as possible.

    I agree with Birdman, feed until they mostly fill the second brood box to where you would be good to put a honey super on it. Take the feeder off when you put the honey super on to prevent them from mixing sugar water in with the real honey you harvest.


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