I go get some bees out of a water meter yesterday. They had only been there a couple weeks maybe. It was a small swarm that was in there. So I got them and moved them to my office. Go check them about an hour ago, all is well so I put some feed on them. I come back out about 30 minutes later to watch them for a while. All is going smooth then all the sudden I am surrounded by 1000ís of bees. I was like what is going on, there arenít mine. So I figured it was a swarm coming through and I would watch where they go. Well a minute or two later they take over the water bee box. It was awesome to watch.

I guess they will go in there and kill the other bees and queen? They are only 1-2 frames strong and these might fill up that medium, it was a ton of bees, biggest swarm Iíve ever caught.

I had the excluder on to keep the water meter bees from leaving, but took it off once this swarm landed.