What kind of stand does everyone use?

I have my hive set up on top of some sawhorses right now, which seems to be fine, but feels a little temporary. I'd like to avoid screwing legs directly onto the hive - I'm probably going to be shuffling them around my yard a bit and I'm not sure there's any leg combination that would work well for every spot in my yard they might end up (irregular combination of hilly-ness).

Should I just stick with the sawhorses? Cinderblocks? Something else?

There's not a big issue keeping them level on the sawhorses, I have them wedged up, and with bricks on top I doubt they're going anywhere (my yard isn't too windy anyways). I suppose I'm mostly worried I'm going to clumsily bump into the sawhorses and knock everything over.

I saw some nice photos of hanging top-bars in africa (google "elephant fence bee"), maybe that would be a good route to go once my yard is a little more settled?