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    Default First year Video (S)?

    Curious if anyone (with experience, not a newbie) has done a first, second year video of what should be done? I know there are a lot of videos out there but sort of mixed up and all.

    It would be nice if someone purchased a package and a Nuc and did videos on them all throughout the year and until the end of the second year. (A step by step)

    2 Hives at the start of a season that is filmed each time the keeper goes into it, what he is looking for at each stage and what he/she does about the things that normally happen. All the way through winter and into the second year where you might get Honey. Sort of watch the hives grow from start to finish. Instead of videos where a newbie has to guess what to look for on youtube.

    I hope I explained it well???

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    Default Re: First year Video (S)?

    Just youtube Fatbeeman, he has videos covering most of what you need to look for.


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