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    Default Frames--Nail pattern? Bottom slot up or down for foundationless?

    Do most of you put the slot up or down for foundationless in consideration of SHB? I'm thinking if the slot is up, the bees are more likely to be able to seal it with wax to keep SHB from hiding. Also, I always nail all my frames from the sides that face the next frame. Since the stress is downward, why do the directions (Kelley's) tell you to nail "down through the top bar into each end bar". If you don't glue (I do), seems like the bars would eventually just pull apart. Nailing from the side seems much stronger. I also use one 1" nail through each bottom corner--catches all the tongues.

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    Default Re: Frames--Nail pattern? Bottom slot up or down for foundationless?

    I always stapled down through the top bar because it is the easiest way with my 20 frame jig. I used to use 2 staples but now im down to only one staple on each side of the top bar and never had a problem with the pulling out. I install the bottom bar facing up. The bees will fill the groove with wax.


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