Okay, all 4 of my hives, 2 in double deeps and 2 in single deeps survived the winter and they all seem pretty hardy. I put honey supers on the 2 with double deeps and put the second deeps on the singles about 2 weeks ago. Since the temps were a bit better, I went into the hives yesterday and see they are doing VERY well. They started drawing out comb and filling with honey in the supers; one hive has 2 frames nearly full and about 40% capped. I also put in some Pierco drone frames to help with varroa.

My questions:

Varroa frames, once drawn out and capped, I'm assuming I pull them, shake off the bees, put in a zip lock bag and into the freezer when I get home for 2 days+ (will be more like a week as I usually check them on the weekends).

One of my hives looks like it has several queen cups and a fully capped queen cell, should I get ahead of them and split that hive, taking that frame with the queen cell and checker boarding a fresh deep or will they still swarm at that point no matter what?

My friend had 2 hives but they absconded, presumably because he left feeders on that fermented and molded. Would it be a good idea to clean out his hives and checker board those? There were no bees at all in those hives, so I don't believe it was disease that got them.