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    Default strange year indeed

    It seems as if you can never predict how things are going to turn out in beekeeping, I made 7 new hives with splits this year, I bought 5 queens and used swarm cells in others. Two of the bought queens have been duds, two more queens just decided to leave of got kicked out. Have four queenless hives right now and am letting them raise their own, queens. Had a new queen installed in a decent hive that I made a split from...checked them the next time I had decent weather, which was almost a month. The queen was still there, and the 1500 or so bee were still there were just as happy as could bee that she was not laying. I mashed her and pull a frame from a bigger hive that happened to have some extra queen cells in them...Why they had cells???I have no Idea.

    Now as far as the flow goes...I planted about 4 total acres of crimson clover that has been blooming like mad for over a month...but the weather has bee so poor that they only had a few days they could work the the clover blooms are starting to taper off. The poplar trees have been blooming for over two weeks and the bees have really only had three or four good flying days.

    Now I guess I am finished venting How I can get some honey anyway...checked on supers a few days ago and there were still not very much honey in them and none was capped!
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    Default Re: strange year indeed

    Thanks for your venting! Either good or bad I still learn from others life experiences.
    You should have some honey when the weather turn out better for the Fall, hopefully.
    Plant some borage too because the nectar is light golden color and the blooms will
    last longer too. I regret killing some borage plants but glad that I still have some
    growing and blooming in time of a dearth. Succession planting for the bees really works.
    Anything will help now. Going to plant some more canola and borage soon for a
    summer harvest. Once the myrtle blooms everything will be fine here.
    So don't worry things will get better later on.


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