I pulled the queen and a few frames from a booming production colony a while back, as it looked to me like they were starting swarm preps. 2 weeks ago I moved a few frames of capped cells to a queen castle, and left a few frames of cells in the colony. These cells were ready to hatch, one or two had, one or two were in the process of it. Now I have 2 laying queens in the castle, and no eggs yet in the colony. I'll give the colony another week to see if a queen starts laying, but if it doesn't then I want to introduce one of my spare laying queens. The queen doesn't have a colony with her big enough to warrent a newspaper combine, as it's just a few frames in a queen castle. So should I cage her, and introduce her that way? Should I just smoke it heavy and plop in the two frames with the queen on it? Not sure which is the way to go here..