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    Default Hello from El Cerrito California

    Hi Everyone,

    Installed my first ever package of bees two weeks ago. Everything went according to plans and the bees seem very happy.
    The very next day I was talking to an experienced beekeeper and he mentioned that I should have at least two hives.
    I kind of knew this but I decided to take a chance rather then explain to my wife the extra $200 for the bees and frames.
    Anyway about five minutes after he told me this I get a call from my 9 year old daughter (at the store with mom) she said "the sky is filled with bees, come quick daddy".
    They were about a half mile from our house. By the time I got some tools together and drove down there the bees where in a cluster on a cherry tree about fifteen feet up. I shook them off into a box and took them home.
    Now I have two hives!
    Beeginners luck?
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