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    Default Queen cell protector, what does it do.

    The type I am talking about are the ones that fit over the jzbz cups. Do they protect the cell from early emerging queens? Are the queens able to escape the protector? Or are they just to protect the cell from damage when installing etc?

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    Default Re: Queen cell protector, what does it do.

    They help protect the cell during handling, they help prevent other queens from stinging and killing queen cells. Also they help reduce the chances of the workers tearing down unwanted queen cells.

    Virgin queens seem to have no trouble emerging from their cells, even when they're in those cell protectors.
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    Default Re: Queen cell protector, what does it do.

    I don't believe that many commercial beekeepers use these. Rather, they just hang the 9 or 10 day old (after grafting) cell between 2 brood frames, or between 1 brood frame and a frame of honey\pollen.
    Maybe they might help when trying to requeen a large hive with a cell, but they are basically unnecessary when working with nucs.


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