I caught my first swarm of the year here in Rupert, Idaho. I had just finished making two nucs from two other hives when the phone rang and it was the Sheriff's Office saying that they received a call about a swarm of bees that were all over a swing set in town. My wife and I were already in the bee suits from the nucs so we hopped in the pickup, which is always set up with swarm equipment this time of year and we headed out. We were on the scene within about 5 minutes and the swarm was about 3 feet off the ground hanging from a swing. It was a big one. I guestimated approximately 7 lbs. We got it in the box with one easy shake and placed in drawn out comb with some new foundation, pollen patty and some essential oil sugar syrup. Left it set for about 20 minutes and watched all but about 20 bees walk right in the front entrance. Closed it up and took it home and set it all up. Checked their feed today and they had eaten a whole quart of the syrup. Filled it up again and just peeked under the inner cover to see them and all ten frames had bees and they were as calm as could bee. Closed it up and so far it looks good. Hope they stay around. I will check them again in a week or two. Bad part is I never remember to take pictures of the before swarm. Got a couple of them walking in the front though. Just excited to let people know the swarm season has started in Idaho. About two weeks earlier than last year.