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    Default Re: Educate me on swarms

    Quote Originally Posted by gmcharlie View Post
    and then normally a month or 2 after the swarm settles in, that queen is super ceded...... which is one of the reasons a lot of package queens get super ceded.... its a swarm.
    Newbie question: Why do the bees sometimes super cede the new swarmed queen? It doesn't sound very efficient.

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    Default Re: Educate me on swarms

    generaly the swarm leaves with the OLD queen..... not always but about 90% are the original queens swarming.. so a new swarm is generaly in the mindset of replaceing her pretty soon. I don't know if its a trait, or if any slowdown in the queen triggers it, I just know its pretty common... nucs and old hive supercede a lot less.


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