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    Default First cutout failed

    I want to fetch a cutout today and it was a disaster. I pulled the soffit
    And facia board hoping to grab the queen, drop her in a hive and be done in 20 minutes.

    No such luck. This colony occupied post swarm on Thursday so I thought it would be all bees and no comb.

    The bees were buried deep in the guys house and it was probably going to require a cutout of his dining room and I said no thanks, he agreed.

    My question is: am I right to assume if I put a hive on a step ladder near their cavity entrance (with lure pheromone) there is no way they are going to move to my hive?

    I was surprised they picked this locale since the walls have roll insulation and I can't fathom them having much cavity to build comb in given their circumstances.

    What do you think, anything else I can do other than walk away beeless?

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    Default Re: First cutout failed

    They will not just come out and abandon the nest, you will have to cut them out, or if you can reliably seal their entrance, try to trap them out. Check youtube for some good trap out videos.


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