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    Default Looking for Bee Packages-URGENT

    We are looking for 6 Italian bee packages coming out of UT or CA. We live in SW Colorado. Please contact with details..

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    Default Re: Looking for Bee Packages-URGENT

    cobutterfly , I am a member of the 4 corners beekeepers and we had this gentleman post this to our site . We are in no way affiliated with him , but he may be able to help you I hope

    Hello 4CBA,
    I have five-frame nucs available for a late May pickup. I am in Cheyenne Wyoming. I am trying to see if there will be interest from the 4CBA. Basically, please let me know if you are interested, and I will begin concreting orders as soon as I reach 100. There is a chance that customers would have to come up to WY to get the bees, but we are planning to deliver most orders to the drop point,
    7610 W 42nd Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 in Denver, CO.
    We apologize for the late notice, but I thought you may have some interest. Thanks!

    Benjamin (307) 275-6500
    for Prairie Wind Bee Supply"


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