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    Default anyone use MAQS for wax moths?

    I know this is an expensive proposition, but it seems that using a MAQS on a stack of empty boxes with drawn comb might be effective against wax moth. I just read elsewhere on Beesource an article about the various treatments to deter wax moth and formic acid fumes was one of them. I want to avoid using paradichlorobenzene, and have a bunch of drawn comb from brood nest I'd like to save till later in the season. Storing it outside doesn't seem too appealing to me.

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    Default Re: anyone use MAQS for wax moths?

    Why not use Bt aizawai for wax moth control? Bt qualifies as an organic control for targeted pests.

    Here is a thread with info, and offering this Bt aizawai for sale:
    This is a long thread, the most recent contact info for Sundance is in post #182
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