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    Just wondered if anyone on here had been affected by the spraying after the hurricane (Hugo) in 1989.Apparently many fruit growers had reduced income or went bust.Being in the UK we dont experience hurricanes on the USA scale.But we do have spraying.So if measures can be taken to protect my bees it would be interesting to find out.

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    Spraying? What spraying? Mosquitoes? I would think that after a hurricane came thru spray damage would be low on my list of concerns.
    Mark Berninghausen

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    We are constantly fighting with mosquito control down here. After Katrina we had huge National Guard planes spraying entire parishes (counties) to help prevent the spread of mosquito borne illness. The local mosquito authority is trying to work with us a bit, they will email or post the spray schedule and if you contact them they say they will turn off the equipment in front of your house. Not sure how helpful that is with the wind but we are trying to work together.

    Mosquito control declares that since they spray at night or dusk your bees are hived up and should not be greatly affected by the insecticide. I just have a problem with that poison in the air, and to think when we where kids they used to make a fog using diesel fuel and I think it was DDT. We would follow around behind the spray truck on our bikes, riding through the fog. No one new better.


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