I've been keeping a few hives for about 5 years and lost my first one this spring. It came out of our very long winter weak, but still had activity. Over the last week or so, the activity fell greatly, so I opened it today and only found only a couple hundred bees still alive. The queen was one of them. They seemed slow and wandering. The other bees were not paying any attention to the queen. There was probably 50 lbs of honey still in the hive.

What I'm guessing is larva, was all dead and uncapped. The cells had a white grainy looking substance in them. I don't know if this was just a stage of decomposition, but they were still very white. There were very few cells where something had decomposed to the point of turning yellow, and they were all on one side of one frame. I didn't see anything that looked like capped brood.

Any ideas?