I see arguments between beekeepers who shouldn't bee arguing.

Number one. If you don't take care of mites the bees will succumb, some sooner some later. Good enough.

But now we have this strange situation where experienced beekeepers are saying pesticides are killing their hives and others are responding with, "I feed heavy and got no problems," as if the later disproves the former.

If anything the later adds credence to the former. Basic biology. Bees are going to store that nice clean feed in their bodies by raising brood and in ther combs, both of which would dilute or replace the toxins. Basic biology.

IMO. No commercial beekeeper worth his salt will say that pesticides have no impact on bee health. If you listen you're more likely to hear something like, "..sure pesticides might be impacting our bees but we had great hives in almonds. The difference? We keep mites down and feed 8 pounds of sub and 5 gallons of syrup a hive." But I read somewhere that even Mr. Jarrett "drives right past" pollination opportunities post almonds to go to nice clean bee pasture farther north.

If you find a beekeeper who wants to throw out the pesticide discussion altogether you're probably looking at somebody who a.) sells bee food and doesnt care why it works so long as it makes them money b.) doesn't understand the biology of how feeding mitigates losses to pesticides or c.) is here to muddy the waters for more insidious reasons (read, "paid poster")

As for those in group A. Well done. You have helped a lot of beekeepers. But realize that your sub does more than provide missing nutrients, it replaces toxic food as well. Don't worry, if you'll tell the whole truth beekeepers are still going buy your sub, heck, more of us will probably use it..
As for those in group B. Now that you have a new frame of reference please reconsider railing against your fellow beekeepers whose losses to pesticides are quite real. It reminds me of the old story, "we played for you but you wouldn't dance".
I'm going to ignore group c for now as I am quite sure they will speak for themselves.