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    Default Re: Swarm season is "prior to main flow"???

    Quote Originally Posted by wcubed View Post
    Would like to know what you did to get supers filling prior to "main flow." It is a regular thing when hives are checkerboarded, but most folks don't see it. You must have done something to open up the overhead capped honey. No??
    Yep, you are absolutely right. In early February, I reversed hive bodies. I found out later that I might've been too early, but the weather forgave me, with no hard freezes.

    In late February, I wanted to try to learn how to graft, but seeing no capped drones, I gave up on that idea. However, since I now had shallow supers under the deep, I reversed them again. The supers that were above the bottom two had a mixture of brood and honey, with the uppermost box being empty. I alternated the empty frames with full ones. I didn't realize until I read your article on this website that I probably shouldn't have messed with the brood frames, but I guess when I broke up the honey dome, even though at the time I really didn't understand that. I also got pretty lucky with the temps above freezing and plenty of rain, so I didn't do any damage by trying things too early.

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    Default Re: Swarm season is "prior to main flow"???

    Well I went into another hive today that either swarmed already or, I suppose, lost it's queen.
    I made a note about swarm cells being built in the hive last week. Upon checking it today there were several capped queen cells yet the hive bodies were very well populated with bees. I went through both deeps and found capped and open queen cells. Some were at the bottom of the frames and some were in the middle & sides. Some were very healthy looking and some were small.
    I tried to find the queen for well over an hour and even put all the bees through a queen excluder. When I saw the eggs I figured she was still in the hive but she is either gone or I missed her which doesn't seem likely.
    I destroyed ALL the queen cells except for the best looking one that I made a nuc with.
    I have other mated queens I'll put with this hive if need be. I'll check for superceedure cells at the end of the week and will likely crush these as well.
    I really don't see any other way to get s decent honey crop this year unless I take these measures. I've heard of queenless colonies making a lot of honey so I now have two I am experimenting with-not what I planned for.
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