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    IMGP2591.jpgIMGP2592.jpgIMGP2593.jpgIMGP2596.jpgIMGP2597.jpgI have searched and can't find the true source, but someone posted their design of a bee vacuum and I copied it and it really works wonderfully. Thank you to whom ever it was! I have made a couple of modifications one being after drilling the holes I covered the pipe with open cell foam and the vacuum hose I found sump pump hose at my local hardware store was about half price of the pool hose. I got 24' for twelve dollars and yes I have used it and it works great (makes a horrible sound). Total cost was less than thirty five dollars and it absolutely doesn't kill any bees. For and additional twenty bucks you can add a pool pole duct tape the vac hose to the end of the pole and you have about twenty three feet of reach for less then sixty dollars. Again thank you to this forum for the great idea!
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