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    Default minimum bee space for frames

    so i cut down my frames for 1 1/4" spacing for narrow frame foundationless, but am concerned because the top bars have only 1/4 inch of space between them. i could put them on a router table and lose 1/16 on each side. your thoughts?

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    Default Re: minimum bee space for frames

    Here is a thread you may be interested in:
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    Default Re: minimum bee space for frames

    1: 1/4" in my recollection is sufficient "Bee space" ... so that right there could be your answer
    2: I don't know if this option would be at all attractive to you personally, but if you check the instructions for my top bars here, they are 100% compatible with your equipment and, for a brood chamber (I'm assuming that's the only place you're using 1 1/4" "thin" frames), you really shouldn't have to worry about comb collapse, and you'll most likely never be wanting to extract your brood anywise...just a thought
    3: If you rout 1/16th inch from both sides, you'll go from "min" bee space of 0.25" to "max" bee space of 0.375" you can do it, but, in my experience, it *will* raise the amount of comb you find between frames; so I think if you really wanted to see an improvement, something closer to 1/32" would be the "ideal" ... but then we're REALLY starting to split hairs, IMHO

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    Default Re: minimum bee space for frames

    1/4" is fine. 3/16" is the lower limit for the bees to get through, but might restrict the queen some.
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