After reading about the use of ammonium nitrate in smokers I was wondering if the 8 oz. Nitrous Oxide cartridges could be used for virgin introduction. One would avoid the toxins created if the ammonium nitrate burns at too high a temperature.

Ammonium nitrate use is common enough in Europe that bee suppliers sell small packets of it.

I could imagine giving the bees a little whiff of laughing gas from a whipped cream dispenser but I'm not sure that I would want to knock them out completely.

There is some info on the use of co2 and queen insemination but I haven't seen much on the use of Nitrous Oxide. 8 ounces of pure gas sure sounds safer to work with. Perhaps one of our resident chemists can tell me how much Nitrous Oxide is given off from approximately one teaspoon of ammonium nitrate.

Just curious...