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    Smile mites

    H ow often should I suger dust to maintain mite control and using a white bottom board with cooking spray what would be considered a high mite count?

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    That's the guide I use to know whether or not to treat. As for details on sugar dusting, I don't know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjimgee View Post
    H ow often should I suger dust to maintain mite control:
    If you're going to try and rely on powdered sugar dusting to control Varroa mite will will need to dust them every 7 days at the minimum. Do you realise that dusting only knocks off about 30-40% of the phoretic mites (mites not under the cap)? It does nothing for the mites that are under the cap reproducing. If you have very low mite count numbers, and if you you dust every 7 days, you will only succeed in holding the current mite count. You never really reduce the mite load using dusting.

    Head on over to Randy Oliver's site for an interesting an informative article on dusting. Here's a link to chapter 1 of the article. There are 2 additional chapters to the articles. Good luck on your mite control if you decide to use it.

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    Dusting once a week will not lower mite numbers according to Randy, so it can't be used as you're only form of mite control. You would also need open screen bottom boards, & drone comb removal. IPM
    You can count mites when dusting a hive by inserting a dry white board before dusting, remove it 20 minutes later & see how many mites are on it. At this time of year if I saw 75 where I live I would get a little more aggressive in controlling the mites.

    Mite thresholds very by time of year, & the climate you live in.

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    Last month I used Formic acid and tracked how the process went with these three episodes. D It's mites and yes using thymol or formic acid will kill off many bees the others will be better for it.


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