Greetings to all,

I am, again, offering a free promotional sample of the Burkes Hive-Minder colony record keeping tag to anyone who is interested. Since we are the developer and manufacturer, we are now offering direct sales also.

This weather proof plastic tag staples to the outside of your hive and allows you to keep brief records on the hive's progress using only push pin thumb writing.

We also offer a similar product for QUEEN MATING NUCS that allow you to track production dates. Please ask for the Burkes Ready-Date calendar with your request.

In order to help me plan how many are requesting, please give me a "heads up" notice of your request by sending an email to

We trust your 2013 beekeeping season will be prosperous and enjoyable.

For your FREE sample, please enclose a LONG, self addressed, STAMPED envelope to:

James Littley
Jarsa & Company
1831 Squawfield Rd.
Hillsdale, MI 49242