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    Default Newbie question feeding package

    We just installed a package five days ago (our first time to do this--our nuc from last year didn't make it thru the winter ). I have been feeding just over a qt of syrup a day since install . It is raining now and supposed to rain all day and for the next two days. I thought I read that bees don't like to be messed with in bad weather, but should I go ahead and feed them each day regardless of rain? I have an inverted qt jar in boardman feeder on inner cover and under an empty hive box, so I would be opening the outer cover to access.

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    Default Re: Newbie question feeding package

    I feed the same way but with a 2 gallon bucket feeder. I'm a newbee but I am sure you will be advised to keep feeding them. The inner cover will keep them from being disturbed much. I have found it best to wear a veil in rainy weather. When I pick up my feeder to replenish, those girls come out of the inner cover hole looking for trouble! When the weather is nice I can open the hive and inspect a frame with no aggressive behavior.


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