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    Harold Guest

    Default Swarm cell question.

    I have some swarm cells in one of my hives
    I dint know if have a queen in them or not.
    I see what appears to be royal jelly in them.
    I don't see any thing that looks like a lave in there.
    What I would like to know is, do the bees put the
    royal l jelly in first or do they put an egg in first?
    TKS Harold.

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    Default Re: Swarm cell question.

    The egg goes in first the jelly is what transforms it into a queen. Think of Grafting queens
    All beekeepers can agree on one thing, and that one thing is, that all beekeepers can't agree on one thing.

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    Default Re: Swarm cell question.

    To add slightly to what beehonest said:

    #1 Egg is laid
    #2 Egg hatches
    #3 Royal Jelly starts being fed...all larvae get some; larvae destined to become queens get to swim in it!

    That said, if you have Queen cells with RJ in them, I'd give better than 99% odds you have a live queen larva inside.

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    Harold Guest

    Default Re: Swarm cell question.

    I assume then if you can see Royal jelly there is a egg or lave in there.
    That is what i needed to know. when I see a queen if it was loaded or not.
    TKS Harold.


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