Got a call from a friend who has a co-worker with a metal 5 gal bucket that was "full of bees". He wants them gone ASAP.

Ok i say, I can arrange to come out last night late, and pick them up. 45 min drive. Friend goes with me. As we are headed out I start asking more questions.

Why now? How big is "5 gal bucket" .... does it have a lid? etc

Well the story went goes on to include a bit about his stupid teenage son decides to rip the bucket out of the ground drag it to the back yard and shoot it with a shotgun. so this doesnt penetrate the steel bucket, but does expose the entire top that was sealed somehow before.

So it would have been a great little 5 frame nuc of feral bees. They had 5-6 fully drawn frames which would have transferred nicely to deep super. instead i Get to test out my solar wax melter i guess