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See! It is already useful! I feel uncomfortable discussing Mr. Palmer behind his back. I really respect his efforts to keep bees healthy. If he wanted to comment on it - it would be beneficial to many.
Just what am I supposed to say? Neonics scare the crap out of me? They do.

All this talk about me...all I did is reply to BBM who said all the bees in the US are dying from Neonics. He has it all figured out right down to how many colonies per mile are crashing. While I can't comment on all the other beekeepers' bees I can about mine.

I practice GBB...Good Basic Beekeeping. I raise my own stocks, and queens from good colonies. I try to keep the varroa load down. I keep bees in an area where nectar and pollen flows are numerous and long lasting.

I diagnose every dead colony...and this winter is no different that any other. The majority of losses were from varroa. There were a handful of queenless and drone layer colonies, and two colonies in the operation starved. I've replaced all the readouts with nucleus colonies I made last summer. The weak colonies and failing queens are boosted and re-queened with nucleus colonies I made last summer. And are all my apiaries and all my bees perfect? No, they aren't. It's still a struggle to keep them going. There are still losses and frustrations.

Other than what I've said above, what do you want from me? My life's work has been all about learning how to keep healthy and productive bees. Do you honestly think I could teach you everything I know and do...in BeeSource posts?

So when I ask someone like BBM to explain his dogma, and all I get is a shrug of shoulders....I gotta get back to work.