I hate to make my first post on the Beesource forum be about the weather, but the spring has been really cold in the south and has caused delays in producing package bees.

Our first package pickup is for May 11 (a Saturday). If you bought bees called BEEDAY 1, then this is your day to pick up packages. The truck should be back Friday afternoon with the bees.

Our second package pickup was just rescheduled for May 31 (Friday) or June 1 (Saturday). If you bought bees called BEEDAY 2, then this is your package pick up day. The truck should be back Thursday afternoon with the bees.

If you would, please call in or email joe@betterbee.com to confirm which day you will be picking up your bees.

If you have troubles with your schedule for those days, please call us to make arrangements. We will give you a full refund or we can discuss alternatives.

Sorry for the bad news on the delay, but this should give us the best opportunity to get you good bees with well-mated queens.

Chris Cripps