Hi all! I'm very new with bees, and learning all I can! I installed my bees from a 3# package a week ago into my Warre (2 boxes), and they are busy busy! They have built out half of the bottom box, straight beautiful comb, but haven't started anything at all in the top box. My understand was they would start in the top, and build down down down... do I need to do anything? Or leave it and see what happens? Do I have backwards bees? I did a line of beeswax on each top bar in both boxes, and I do have a jar feeder in the upper box as it was pretty chilly over the weekend, and they drank all but about 3T of the quart so I gave them more today... does having the jar at one side of the top box prevent them from building comb up there? A guy in my bee club who used to have Warre's told me to feed this way, but thought Id ask here as well! I'm doing everything I can to leave them alone and let them be...I just want to make sure we get started strong! Thanks for any wisdom you can share!

~Concerned new bee mom