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    Default Baggie Feeder Top Bar Hive

    Hi All! I am on day 11 after installing 2 packages into new TBHs. The hives seem to be building nicely and are taking a quart of syrup every 2 to 3 days. I want to be able to feed them for longer periods of time mostly because of a rainy spring. I was thinking about a baggie feeder on top of the top bars. I cut out a section of a top bar to give them access and I was going to lay it on top of the bars on a piece of plywood. I thought I could use this in the winter for dry sugar also. Any thoughts...pros and cons...

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    Default Re: Baggie Feeder Top Bar Hive

    That has worked for me(bee candy, pollen patties, etc.) and did not cut any openings, the bees got there on their own.


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