I read that bees will make supercedure cells and swarm cells.
The supercedure cells are usually at the top while the swarm cells are typically
at the bottom of the frame. The author said the swarm cells are not to keep because
the queens will have the genetic to likely to make more swarm cells on the next generation
of queens. It further stated to keep the supercedure queens because those are the best
one to head your hive.
I have one hive that have 2 big queen cells. They are almost 2" long and fatter on the side.
One is a supercedure cell toward the top bar with longer cell. And the second one is a swarm cell toward the
bottom of the frame with fatter side. If my reading is valid that means I should not keep any swarm cell
to head my hive, right? My question is should I just keep the supercedure cell and discard the
swarm cell? Or is it o.k. to use the swarm cell hoping the next generation of queens will not be likely
to swarm? Any input is welcome!