I ran into a tidbit of information yesterday wile reading an article on the Chernobyl reactor meltdown. The writer said that this area is nearly devoid of all butterflies, grasshoppers and bees. We have been having nuclear accidents around the world since the early 50es. The first one in this country to my knowledge was Saxton PA in 1956 I know because I grew up there. Then Three Mile Island in the late 70es. Russia has had at least 5 big ones Chernobyl being the biggest. In 2011 an other large one in Japan plus many above ground tests over the years. I have heard that bees have been in decline around the world since the early 50es. Has any one ever done a study on radiation and bee decline. This may not be all of the problem but may contribute to it. If any body has any information about this please pass it along.