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    Default Swarm or leftovers?

    Got a call 30 minutes after I went to bed last night. Woman reported a "huge" swarm of bees on a fence post.

    Earliest I could get out there was after work today. Arrived at the location around 12:30 and what I saw is shown in the photos. Not many bees, but I am not sure if they are inside the fence post (which is an old log actually) or if someone else caught them and these are the leftovers. Also, I was thinking about going in from the bottom of the post, but it was full of yellow jackets and their nests. What a combination!

    So, are they in there? Or am I looking at left overs after someone else beat me to it? And how on earth would I get inside there without being torn up by yellow jackets? The bees were protective of their territory. Not too much till I reached under with my phone to get the photo from below. Got a few in my face about that and I backed off a few feet and they left me alone. Not sure if it was due to territory or if I roused up a couple yellow jackets and the bees were responding to them.

    Anyway, here are the photos. The last one is from below looking up.


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    Default Re: Swarm or leftovers?

    What you may be seeing are forage bees that came back to a swarm that is gone


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