When inspecting one of my queenless hives today I forgot to consult my notes first... Upon not finding any capped queen cells I promptly moved over a frame with 2 from a smaller hive that had 4 capped. Now they each have 2 I figured.
Upon returning home and consulting my notebook I now see that this big hive had several capped cells on Sunday!!
Seems like one has emerged, killed the others & the bees have already broken down the cells?? This hive has been queenless for 16 days now, would they be this organized to clean up the hive so quickly?? This really threw me for a loop!! I may have just wasted 2 good capped queen cells!!!
Also of interest I found 2 swarm cups that had eggs in them!! No other eggs in the entire hive. If I had a laying worker would they do that?? I have rotated in a frame of open brood to suppress that.
If only I had looked at my notes first... I really disturbed that hive something fierce when going thru it. Hope I didn't lose her in the whole process...