I have 2 queens left that I received last Thursday, overnighted to me. I started with 10, and until an hour ago I kept them in my laundry room and have watered twice a day while slowly installing. Of the 2 remaining, only one attendant per cage has died.

We are having storms move through and am not going to requeen today.

I don't have a bank frame, so what I did was on a newer nuk (queen emerged on 4/15 and is doing great, I checked today, and saw her! with open brood).

I put an excluder on top of the box and put the 2 caged queens, with their attendants, screen side down on top of excluder. Then I put an empty shallow box over that and lid. No frames in shallow. I have some empty drawn frames I could put in. Temps tonight should not be lower than mid 60's and it's mid 80's now.

Any problem with this set up? I did screen side down to keep temp more regulated.
Thank you.