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    Default inner cover design question

    My hive has an inner cover that i built using the plans on beesource. The side that goes down sits flat on the upper deep. This leaves only 1/8 inch of space between the top of the frames and the cover. I noticed that when i slide it on, it can roll some bees that are on top of the frames. Plus you would think that they would not bee able to crawl from frame to frame over the top. My questions are: should I put a 1/8 inch spacer like luan around the edge of the bottom of the cover to give the bees a full 1/4 inch of space to manouver? Do I not want them to be able to crawl on top of the frames with the cover on? One would think they would prefer the extra manouvering room.

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    Default Re: inner cover design question

    They need bee space of 1/4" to 3/8" under the inner cover, so you need to put a strip of wood around the perimeter of the inner cover to get that space. John


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