My neighbor decided that he didnt want his hive any more and I agreed to adopt it. He hasn't given the hive any attention in at least 6 months. Im not sure if he has even taken the top off during this time. Im a new to beekeeping though i do have bees on order that will arrive in the next few weeks. In any case, I went out to check the neighbors hive today expecting to find honey to harvest as I live in Austin Texas and have heard that bee keepers often harvest honey by this time in the year. What I found, though, was a crowded and somewhat aggressive colony with no honey. Some of the comb seemed to be irregular in form. I did see a few spots that had nectar and were uncapped but it was pretty sparse. I took several photos. Can anyone with experience, especially in central Texas look at the photos and give me your best assessment of the situation? Is this normal? Will there likely be honey later in the summer? Is there anything I can do to help this hive out?

You can see the photos here:

Many Thanks!