Two days ago I noticed a swarm crawling in to a hole in my house. Listening very carefully, I think I have found the bees under the floor in my daughters room. (I can actually hear them walking around). After talking to various people who said they couldn't help and that the easiest solution would be to exterminate them... I found one that suggested a trap out. I think I can do it. I have always liked the idea of keeping bees and this seems like an excellent start to the hobby... however, I have zero knowledge past what I have been googling over the past 24 hours. My question is what supplies will I absolutely need? I have read that I must have a eggs and a queen but I don't know where I can obtain those. Buying a box is easy enough, setting up the tunnel screen is a breeze... but after that I am lost. I just need suggestions and direction... I live in Bonham, Texas (Fannin County). I do not know any beekeepers in my remote area.

Thanks tons for any help you can give... I can't have the bees living in my home but I absolutely don't want them killed either.