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    Default Wax moths, how to avoid in swarm traps?

    I have some drawn comb from a dead out that I had stored in my shed over the winter. Most of these were deployed in my swarm traps, one old drawn comb each, and I have seven traps out. I had a couple leftover that I had stored inside the house. Just discovered wax moths in the ones in the house. Now it has me worried that all the drawn combs in my swarm traps will get wax moths! I go around and check the traps to see if there is a swarm thats moved in, but if there is no bee activity, i havent been lowerin, opening, and checking for wax moths...What do you all do for this?

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    Default Re: Wax moths, how to avoid in swarm traps?

    any old brood comb will attract wax moths. using a comb that has only had honey will reduce the attraction for moths. any chemical will also repel the bees. good luck

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    Default Re: Wax moths, how to avoid in swarm traps?

    You could use Bt...
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