Just had a random thought about Humans finding other ways.

Gas is $3.40 a gallon where I live but remember when it first hit $4.00 (Give or take) and the country was in disbelief, where will it stop? People have found a way, we might not have other choices where to buy gas cheaper but we as Humans now have cars that get better MPG including Hybrids like I drive.

at $4.00 a gallon gas....
For the person who drives a 20 MPG truck or car with (Example) a 10 gallon tank will pay $40.00 to fill up only to go another 200 miles.

Those who own a Camry Hybrid that gets 40 MPG pays the same price but goes 400 miles on a 10 gallon tank. (200 more miles)

Point is we are finding other ways when we have little choice to buy expensive gas. So you can look at it this way, the person who owns the Hybrid is really paying $2.00 a gallon (Even if he is not) to go twice as far as the guy with the 20 MPG vehicle. (Of course this is an example and not all cars get 20 or 40. However a Prius can get 51 MPG so...)

Farmers will find other ways... maybe even better ways.