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    Default Need advise on abandoned apartment cut-out

    I have cut hives out of logs before, but this is my first cut-out from a wall. I was told this hive has been there around 5 - 10 years. I set up inside the bedroom where I cut and removed drywall just below the window. It is a 2x6 wall with blackboard and then brick on the outside. I wasn't able to locate the queen as I removed 95% of the comb and relocated it in 3 - 10 frame deeps. I went back tonight to pick up the hive and found about 20,000 bees bearded up on the right side of the original hive against the 2x6 stud. That is where I wasn't able to remove the last 5% of the comb because it is between the blackboard and the brick behind doubled up 2x6's. I can only assume that the queen must be there. Should I try to go in and get the queen or would it be better to move the hive to where the bottom board is up against the 2x6 stud? I plan to go back Monday evening to try something.
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