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    Default Need advise on abandoned apartment cut-out

    I have cut hives out of logs before, but this is my first cut-out from a wall. I was told this hive has been there around 5 - 10 years. I set up inside the bedroom where I cut and removed drywall just below the window. It is a 2x6 wall with blackboard and then brick on the outside. I wasn't able to locate the queen as I removed 95% of the comb and relocated it in 3 - 10 frame deeps. I went back tonight to pick up the hive and found about 20,000 bees bearded up on the right side of the original hive against the 2x6 stud. That is where I wasn't able to remove the last 5% of the comb because it is between the blackboard and the brick behind doubled up 2x6's. I can only assume that the queen must be there. Should I try to go in and get the queen or would it be better to move the hive to where the bottom board is up against the 2x6 stud? I plan to go back Monday evening to try something.
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    Default Re: Need advise on abandoned apartment cut-out

    It is hard to say without seeing the situation, but if you don't get hem all, they will continue to be a problem. Can you reframe the wall and take out the 2x6's that are in your way? Can you vacuum them out? You might try showing photos so the pros can give you some advice.
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