Well the swarm I caught 13 days ago seems to have left me.

Yesterday morning they seemed fine. Watched them for awhile coming and going as usual. Late Saturday evening, I walked past the hive and noticed that there was very little activity. A bee here and there, but nothing like it had been. This morning I walked past and again, not much going on and I noticed a few dead bees around the entrance to the hive.

Came home from church and I grabbed the smoker and went to take a look inside. Maybe a hundred or so bees in there and that was it. I am thinking my repairing my mistakes a few days ago upset them more than I thought. The comb I rubber banded to the frames was there, but looks like the heat got to it in it's fragile state- was all bowed and droopy looking. I took a closer look at the comb they had drawn on the foundation and it was actually drawn out on the frame with a slight gap between the comb and foundation. Guess they did not like the foundation at all.

I looked around the nearby trees, but found nothing. There is a creek with a nice greenbelt on it a few hundred yards away. I may go over there and search around for them.

Sucks, but there will be more swarms out there. Just have to keep looking. May hit up a local beekeeper for a frame of brood next time I get a swarm. That may encourage them to stay.