Hi everyone. I am a rookie at beekeeping so I don't know much but I decided to share something for anyone who may have not already thought of it. I built a couple of swarm traps to try and catch a few swarms this year. I went out to my deer hunting spot to set them up with a ladder, and other tools. When I got there and was trying to figure out where to set them up I realized that my deer stands were in some spots thart could be good for attracting bees. So I climbed my stand fastened down the trap and was on my way. didn't have to balance a trap or even carry my ladder with me just use the stand ladder. I will remove them this summer and they will just be deer stands again. They may or may not catch swarms but they have as good of a chance as any and were easy to set up. Thanks for all of the info that eveyone shares on this site I am learning a lot.