I came across a colony of bees that made a hive in the hollow of a standing ash tree situated in the woods on my property. I don't think that the colony is a result of a swarm from one of my own hives, but I won't know this for sure until I am able to get into my hives sometime this week. It could be a feral hive or a swarm from another bee yard.

The entrance to the hive is a crack near the base of the tree. The entrance looks to me like it may be coated with propolis, as there is a orange-ish substance around the entrance.

A couple of questions:

1) Given what I've described, does this hive seem more likely to be a fairly well-established hive, as opposed to a swarm that may have occurred in the last few weeks?

2) Would this colony by worth trying to capture, or would trying to do so from a living tree be quite daunting and not worth the effort?